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Here are some resources that may be of use.  If there is something you're looking for and you can't find it here, please call or email, and I will do my best to be helpful.

For Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Maple Leaf DBT

9221 B Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA  98115

tel (206) 372-8400

Behavior Research & Therapy Clinics

Dept. of Psychology, University of Washington

3935 University Way NE

Seattle, WA  98195-5915

(206) 543-2782

Books about DBT worth a look:

When it comes to Borderline Personality Disorder, there are lot of harmful, misinforming books out there. I think a good basic rule of thumb is this: if the book has a judgmental tone, put it down and find something else.  We are all working our best to get through this life, and no one is trying to mess with us for the sake of messing with us.  So books that use words like manipulative are to be avoided.  The mental health community is responsible for a kind of bigotry when it comes to people suffering this disorder.  So, be a careful researcher!

DBT Skills Training Manual

Marsha M. Linehan, PhD

The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide

Alex Chapman, PhD & Kim Gratz, PhD

Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Alex Chapman, PhD & Kim Gratz, PhD

For Marital & Couple Therapy

Books about relationships worth a look

Love Sense

Sue Johnson, PhD

Hold Me Tight

Sue Johnson, PhD

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

John Gottman, PhD

Not "Just Friends"

Shirley Glass, PhD

After the Affair

Janis A. Spring, PhD

For Individual Therapy

Good therapists are hard to find.  In my opinion, one should try to minimize the importance of geography when shopping.  It's like finding a dentist: you want a good one and you'll drive to get there.  So here are some folks I know either personally or professionally:

611 Main St.

Suite B

Edmonds, WA  98020

tel (425) 771-7036

Maitri Counseling Service

229 Broadway E, Room 20

Seattle, WA  98102

Terry Jaworski, MA LMHC   (206) 551-2590

Jay Jaworski, MA                (206) 551-2593

For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Books about anxiety worth a look

Stop Obsessing

Edna Foa, PhD & Reid Wilson, PhD

Don't Panic!

Reid Wilson, PhD

Get Out Of Your Mind & Into Your Life        Steven C. Hayes, PhD

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