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As people facing life's challenges, sometimes we need help.  We may find ourselves stuck, confused,

frustrated, not knowing what to do.  Counseling is one way to help ourselves as we make changes, face transitions, or answer the questions life throws at us:

Why don't I feel good?

Should I relocate?

How can I stop worrying?

How can I get rid of this stress?

How can I make this decision?

How can I get along with my family?

image of a confused person wanting to make a decision

Can this get better?

Am I normal?

Why can't I stop this behavior? 

Is this the right relationship?

Should I make a change?

What's wrong?

We may be paralyzed with indecision, or feel broken or hopeless, or resort to unhelpful or destructive solutions.  We may find our suffering increases.  All the while what to do to make things better eludes

us.  This isn't a mental health disorder.  This is life.  Oftentimes our pain is a natural  outgrowth of the events that have come before.  We may find ourselves alone, and needing someone to talk to, to listen to us, and share our pain.  

Chances are if you're looking at my web page, you've been

doing some soul-searching.  My purpose here is to give

you a sense of who I am and how I work, so that you can

better decide if I am someone who can help.  If in  

reading you feel I may be helpful to you, I invite you to

call me. I'd be happy to sit with you and listen, and to         share with you what I've been learning.

picture of Bob Goettle

In striving to be happy, to succeed, we are met with obstacles that slow us down or stop us in our tracks. Sometimes these obstacles are within us, and sometimes they come from outside.  We may say,

"This shouldn't be a problem," or, "I shouldn't feel this way," or, "This is unfair."

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